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Manchester is booming, but needs more property development across all sectors to meet demand, says Savills

Seemingly immune to the destabilising influence of Brexit negotiations, property demand from businesses and residents in Manchester has grown steadily and looks set to continue, but commercial and residential property supply must diversify and bring forward more property across all use classes if it is to meet growing demand and maintain competitiveness, according to research […]

Six-minute rail link promises to transform North-west train services

The second weekend in December marks the start of a new year for the railways of Britain and Europe, when timetable alterations are made and new projects unveiled. When revised services start on Sunday morning, the UK’s most significant new train link will be a non-stop hop between Manchester Victoria and Manchester Oxford Road. The […]

How do Hong Kong property prices compare to other global cities?

Hong Kong’s residential property market is renowned for being one of the most expensive in the world. Homebuyers and investors need to have substantial sums in the bank to afford many of the apartments currently on the market. For HKD 10-12 million (USD 1.28 – 1.54 million) today’s apartment-hunters could get a new, 500 sq […]

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Foreign Investment in Manchester through the roof, but ‘this is just the beginning’ predict Experts

The influx of foreign investment in the UK’s property sector has always been steady, with many overseas investors deeming UK as an extremely attractive investment destination. In recent times, the city of Manchester has come to the forefront as the hotspot for international investment, rising head and shoulders above its counterparts. The leading players, when […]