Luxury apartments on the rise in Manchester

Manchester’s unprecedented property boom is undoubtedly creating significant demand in the city’s housing sector, with many first time buyers dipping their toes in water. In January 2017, the number of first time buyers in the UK housing market reached record levels as they accounted for nearly 33% of all housing market activity, up from 25% […]

New tram routes impact Manchester’s rising property market

Easy accessibility has always been one of the prime factors taken into consideration when individuals contemplate buying a new home. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that homes situated in areas which are easily reachable thanks to superior public transport arrangements are often premium priced and in great demand. However, there now seems to be […]

5 Reasons why Manchester is a hot tourist destination

Manchester’s reputation as a tourism hotspot has been on the rise in recent years, with publications including the New York Times and Lonely Planet naming it among their top travel destinations in 2016. It is now the UK’s third most visited city by overseas tourists after London and Edinburgh. New York-based travel and entertainment website Thrillist […]

House prices in Manchester continue to rise faster than anywhere in the country

Manchester remains the number one UK property hotspot, after it was revealed today that property values in the city increased faster than any other in the country. The average price of a home in Manchester increased by 8.4% compared with the same month a year earlier thanks to a surge in transactions, while Leicester and […]

Manchester – A hotspot for Property Investment

The release of new figures on the economic growth of major UK cities has shown that Manchester is now one of the top three of fastest growing city economies in the UK, and is predicted to create up to 27,500 new jobs by 2026, reports Bdaily. Potential investors will witness a surging boost in property […]