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Alliance Investments looks to Capitalize on UK’s Student Accommodation Sector

Alliance Investments looks to Capitalize on UK’s Student Accommodation Sector

The UK has firmly cemented its position as the prime choice for international students to further their education in recent times. If statistics are anything to go by, UK was home to nearly 437,000 international students attending universities in the UK between the years 2014-2015. While concerns about the international student numbers declining in the near future due to Brexit still exist, UK universities have pushed the government for a “new immigration policy” to encourage international students to choose the United Kingdom as their education destination.

In fact a ComRes poll initiated by Universities in the UK established that nearly 73% of the British public was in favour of international students coming in to study in Britain as they saw them as valuable guests (generating revenue for the economy) rather than long time migrants. Overseas students contribute an estimated 26 billion pounds towards the country’s economy each year. Should the government give in to the mounting pressure to amend immigration policies for international students, the general consensus seems to indicate a continued influx of foreign students into the UK.

The housing sector has traditionally been one of the top beneficiaries of foreign students in the UK. The significant student population has created a sound investment opportunity for anyone willing to cater to the lodging needs of these students. An analysis of 79 university cities and towns, including London concluded that the student accommodation sector is heavily undersupplied resulting in a scope to plug the gap.

The city of Manchester is home to several universities and colleges such as University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University and has been in the news for substantial investments being directed to bridge the student accommodation gap in the area.

The factors that make the market attractive include the greater spending power students have today compared to their counterparts a decade ago. James Davis, who serves as chief executive of the online estate agency Upad says that student numbers in the capital are rising at 15 times the supply of rental property. Sally Fraser, of Stacks Property Search reiterated why the student housing market is a solid investment opportunity: “With students, landlords have a guaranteed market that is predictable (compared to) whatever is happening in the economy.”

Manchester’s market leading property developer for the past 27 years, Property Alliance Group also sees the student accommodation sector as a lucrative opportunity waiting to be explored. The group has announced a project called the ‘North Gate Studios’ in Chester as it looks to capitalize on the demand for similar student properties in a market that is undersupplied.

The Northgate Studios is strategically located close to the 175 year old university and the city centre, making it the perfect solution for students looking for independent living in a high quality and safe environment. The property which is nearing completion and is estimated to be ready by August 2018, will consist of 150 double-bed studio apartments equipped with superfast Wi-Fi, a manned reception, launderette, cycle storage and group study areas.

Ronald Garrett, Director of Sales at Alliance Investments said that, “For individual investors looking to put their money to work, the student accommodation market can offer the best returns thanks to it being associated with the recession proof education industry”

“Investing in Northgate studios means a market-leading minimum of 8% return per annum for a 5-year period that translates to a 40% guaranteed income over five years” he further added.

With solid capital growth in the area and investing in a firm with a track record such as Alliance, your money promises to do all the heavy lifting while you can sit back and relax.

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