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Northern Powerhouse rail, together with HS2, is set to transform rail travel across the North, offering much faster, more frequent and reliable rail links and opening up new opportunities for Northern citizens and businesses alike.

Connecting four cities in one hour, the high speed rail between Bradford, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool is set to be fully integrated into the existing Piccadilly station in Manchester with the Manchester City Council planning to create an innovative “Piccadilly Central” district to transform the surrounding area.

As part of the upgrade work that will be undertaken for the new HS2 line, the City Council has unveiled plans to completely overhaul the Piccadilly station and the surrounding area.

Many have described this ambitious project for Greater Manchester and the North as once in a century opportunity and hope that this transformation would result in similar changes to London’s Kings Cross area which saw significant regeneration in recent years.

Creating a new ‘world class transport’ hub, the rail line is set to boost connectivity and footfall in Piccadilly Manchester with a tree lined boulevard designed to run along the northern edge of the station providing connectivity from east to west.

The North of the station is drawn to accommodate office space spanning 2.9 million square feet with 261,000 square feet of retail space creating opportunities of hundreds of new retail shops and commercial units which the council plans to call “Piccadilly Central”.

The plans also include the creation of 5,000 new homes and 250 additional hotel rooms.

Tom Russell, Managing Partner at Alliance Investments said “Manchester Piccadilly represents one of the biggest areas for development in the UK and the high speed rail line will certainly make a significant impact on the growth and economy of the city”

Alliance Investments, global sales arm of 28 year Property Alliance Group has a diverse portfolio of property developments adorning the quickly transforming skyline of Manchester.

‘Oxygen’ being one of their signature and most luxurious developments in Manchester is located in the heart of Piccadilly Manchester. With one of the highest specifications ever built in Manchester, ‘Oxygen’ features 345 stylish apartments, twelve townhouses, five star leisure facilities and stunning sky gardens.

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