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Property Alliance Group recognised as trusted developer in China

2019 10 25 The Build 2

Property Alliance Group has been named the Most Trustworthy Overseas Investment Company in China for overseas investment in UK property, having won the award at the 11th Sina Education Award Ceremony.

As links between the UK and China grow stronger, the award recognises the role of Property Alliance Group in building residential ties between the two countries for overseas investment in UK property.

“It’s been a good year for Property Alliance Group. We’ve opened offices in Hong Kong and Singapore […] We’ve hired many more people to extend our service.” Stuart Norbury, Associate Director at Property Alliance Group.

Sina Education Award

The award, presented by Sina Corporation, was judged on the profitability of assets in line with their forecasts. Yet it was Property Alliance Group’s investment opportunities in Manchester, particularly, that secured the win.

The UK city has grown rapidly in recent years. Its economy, population, and living standards are rising. Capital valuations are set to increase by 16.4% by 2022, while yields in the wider North West of the UK (which includes Manchester) could rise by 21.6%.

The Property Alliance Group

PAG is a leading developer in Manchester; its sales arm, Alliance Investments, now manage seven sites there. Alliance’s clients have already seen up to 33% returns on their off-plan builds, with Axis Tower proving very popular among Chinese agents and investors looking for overseas investment in UK property.

Axis comprises 168 apartments over 28 storeys. As the tower recently reached its highest point, a ‘topping out ceremony’ took place; speeches were given and a time capsule was buried in honour of the concrete structure’s completion. It will be open to residents next year.

These successes give investors confidence in the run-up to Brexit, Great Britain’s exit from the EU. Cities like Manchester are ideal for those looking to buy cheaply from overseas, paying less for sustained yields.

As Stuart says,

“The currency has been weakened temporarily by talks of Brexit. Most experts are saying this is going to be a very temporary state. The currency should increase in value again, by the middle of next year. We could be seeing a 20% gain just in currency alone.”

That means off-plan developments can be secured while the pound is low, and deliver high returns when the UK thrives and renegotiates its trade relationships.

Investors can also benefit from access to Manchester’s four universities. In 2015, around 3,100 Chinese students enrolled. Parents can buy and maintain a rental home for their son or daughter, keeping it for other tenants after they graduate. It’s another incentive to bear in mind.

Property Alliance Group in 2019

As we look to 2019, the future is bright for Property Alliance Group and its clients. Axis Tower and the Sina Education Award are only a few examples of China’s foothold in this market. With so much residential investment in our country – driven by 285 eco-friendly developments and a lack of affordable housing – it’s incredible that British sites are able to compete. President Xi Jinping’s commercial deals, valued at £1.4bn, show that China’s government is in full support of the new opportunities for overseas investment in UK property.

It’s clear that residential developers are guiding more investors to greater returns in the UK and China, with Property Alliance Group distinguishing themselves from other brands. Manchester is leading the way for a competitive rental scene, and it’s a welcome sign for international rewards – both now and in the decade to come.

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