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Why buying a property that you live in is still an investment

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Your home as an investment property

Buy to let dominates the world of property in the view of many. Investors from around the world have poured their money into the UK over recent decades thanks to the stability and reliability that the market provides, making in the perfect long-term option for many.

However, it is not only landlords – who buy property that they only ever intend to rent out – who can benefit from the UK’s booming property market. Home buyers can also treat their property as an investment and achieve high capital returns in exactly the same way.

The types of property in booming markets that will appeal to you as a home buyer will also appeal to others if you choose to move on, meaning that you can enjoy a luxury home in the knowledge that your capital is protected in the future.

Another situation where people are investing in property as a type of home buyer is the higher education sector. Modern students demand more than ever before from their accommodation while at university, and many parents are meeting that demand by purchasing luxury apartments in premium residential property developments which their children can live in for three or four years. Following this, those apartments will have risen in value – assuming they are in the right location – and will then continue to act as a more traditional investment when the student graduates.

Manchester is a superb example of this principle in action. Tens of thousands of students arrive in the city every year, and a huge proportion of them are from overseas. Many of these are looking at the same city centre areas as home buyers, and can achieve the same benefits as investors while buying a property for themselves to live in.

The Manchester property market

Manchester is the UK’s leading property market, making it an unbeatable location for home buyers who are looking to get the same benefits investors do from their property. The city’s population is set to grow by 70,000 by 2025 according to the City Council, but only around 12,000 homes will be finished over the same time frame – creating a huge deficit that will further increase demand and push house prices up.

When looking for the best place to buy in Manchester to buy a property that can still work as an investment, there are several areas you can stick to which will allow you to enjoy the best of city centre life while earning significant capital appreciation thanks to the aforementioned factors. Ideally, we recommend you buy in an area close to good transport connections, the city centre and the local business zones.

One such place is the area around Piccadilly Station which is home to Oxygen, our development in Manchester which is on the verge of completion. This 32-storey neighbourhood is right in the city centre, minutes from Ancoats and walking distance to Spinningfields, St. Peter’s Square, the University of Manchester and everything else in Manchester.

Furthermore, it offers the finest residential experience in the city. Alongside the stunning luxury homes, residents can make use of the first-class services and facilities including a 25m swimming pool, steam room, sauna, gymnasium, spin room, cinema room, residents’ lounges and more – a combination that you cannot find elsewhere.

The final apartments have now been released at Oxygen ahead of completion and they are proving to be extremely popular. As Manchester continues to grow, apartments of this quality and in this location will only become more desirable in a city where there are not enough homes as it is. This will lead to a high level of capital appreciation that will benefit home buyers just as much as investors.

Ronald Garrett, Managing Director at Alliance Investments, said: “There is no reason at all why home buyers can’t enjoy the same benefits as investors do when they purchase property in cities such as Manchester.

“If you buy a home in a luxury, city centre development which enjoys close proximity to train stations, business centres, universities and other similar amenities and infrastructure, you will be able to earn a large amount of capital appreciation over your time in the property. Properties like those available at Oxygen are the ideal option for anyone looking for a premium home which can earn them a sizeable return as an investment at the same time.”

For more information about buying property in Manchester, get in touch with our expert team today who will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect property. Click here for more information >>

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