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Aftersales - Pre Completion

Completion takes place on an agreed date after exchange where you are required to pay the balance of the purchase price to your solicitor.

If you have exchanged contracts on a property still under construction (off plan), completion will not take place until the property is ready for occupation. While completion is awaited, construction updates will be provided to you by your sales representative and also posted on the Alliance Investments website for access at any time To assist manage expectations within each construction progress report the next scheduled update will be advised.

Our Aftersales - Pre Completion Team will contact you 6 months prior to completion to guide you through the final stages of your purchase introducing you to the below highly recommended services to ensure the terms of your contract are met and a smooth, stress free completion transition is achieved for you.

Cash / Finance

Our Aftersales - Pre Completion Team will work closely with you to ensure funds (cash or mortgage) are transferred to your solicitor in good time to enable completion. Where a mortgage is required we will introduced you to our recommended team of mortgage brokers if you have not already spoken with them who will then guide you through this process. If purchasing with cash should you need any assistance with foreign exchange, transfers etc our recommended team of global currency exchange & money services experts are available to help. Contact details for both can be found on pages 12 & 13.  

Note - Funds required in order to complete must have been transferred out of China (where applicable) no later than 3months prior to completion or by the time your mortgage application is submitted to prevent any issues. This can either be held in another account outside of China or transferred to your solicitors, non interest client account in readiness. We would strongly recommend the same is actioned for a cash purchase to prevent any delays and possible breach of contract come completion.

Furniture and Appliances

Our Aftersales - Pre Completion Team will provide you with the option to purchase any of our furniture & Appliance packs if not already purchased at this stage, development specific or otherwise. The Team will be able to deal with everything required and handle all details for you; place the order, take payment and provide a detailed handover to your chosen Property Management Team who will work closely with the delivery company to ensure all products are delivered, assembled and installed in good time.


Once notice to complete is served by the developer your will be provided with a snagging list. On completion, as part of a detailed handover this list will be provide to your chosen Property Management Team along with a point of contact within the construction company to assist manage and rectify all snagging items within the contracted rectification period (where applicable).

Property Management / Lettings & Block Management

Our Aftersales - Pre Completion Team will be introduced to our recommended Property Management Team who will discuss their range of fully managed services available along with their terms and fee structure. As completion approaches our Team will keep the Property Management Team fully informed of anticipated completion dates and provide a detailed handover come the time containing; furniture orders; developer handover pack including keys, snagging list and construction point of contact warranties etc.


As the final stage, our Aftersales - Pre Completion Team will be guide you through the completion legal process with your solicitor ensuring all required legal documents etc are in place in readiness for completion

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